We are an Indie Gaming Company in Vancouver. The creator of Building Crafter, a Unity Game Engine Asset and an upcoming Zombie Apocalypse open-world multiplayer game.

Building Crafter

What is it?

Building Crafter is an Unity Game Engine Asset that allows game makers to quickly create large first person ready buildings with just a few clicks. Instead of spending hours laying out complex buildings in Blender or Maya, use this tool to create buildings directly inside of the Unity editor.

Building Crafter is now available on the Unity Asset Store.

For more information, take a look at the manual.

For more information please email us at buildingcrafter@8bitgoose.com.


 • Create buildings in minutes

 • LOD ready

 • Unity 5 material ready

 • First person ready

 • 1m grid based

 • Automatic box collider generation

Upcoming Zombie Game

We are also developing an open-world online-only Zombie game. Not just a forest simulator (like many other zombie games), the upcoming title is a survival-first game based in a dense city. Sign up below for future updates.


Kellan is the founder of 8Bit Goose Games and before 8Bit Goose, Kellan worked at a SilkStart, a SaaS membership management platform. He's been involved in the Startup Scene in Vancouver since 2011, managing client relations, planning projects, performing user feedback studies and programming in C#.

Kellan has diverse experience, serving on both the development and business side of startups. No longer excited about the B2B space, Kellan taught himself to program, left SilkStart in early 2014 to found 8Bit Goose Games.

Before entering the Vancouver Startup scene, Kellan served as Coordinating Editor for the Ubyssey Student Newspaper, improving the production of the 90 year old paper and ushering the paper into a new golden age of digital production

In his off time, Kellan plays Ultimate and is currently in recovery from his addiction to Kerbal Space Program. He also is very good at Vancouver history and loves to take photos.